Sports composites

You are an athlete! You work your tail off all year long…and had so for years to get where you are in your sports career. This is your senior year…wouldn’t you want to celebrate your success by capturing it an awesome way?

Don’t settle for the ordinary photographer; at Maria Moore Photography we take pride for our incredible life like composites and sport art. We have been creating sport banners and metal prints for teams and individuals for

years, and every year we increase our knowledge and digital artistry to keep improving our sport image making.

Merging digital elements together to create something unique and new creates a sport composite. We take your ideas, photograph you for a few minutes at the studio on a green screen doing what you love… then we sit and work hours on the computer to create a unique-never seen before-amazing final creation for you.



Sport composites start with an idea. We would need to talk about what you want the final image to look like. We can create a dynamic action image, as well as more traditional posed ones.

The sports composites session is done at our studio. You would bring the necessary uniforms and gear, including balls, bats, rows, helmets, shoes, clits, etc. We will photograph you against the green screen, for approximately 30 min to an hour, depending how involved the action shots are.

After the session, we will take two weeks to finalize your final image and will be contact you for approval before we send to print.

For team senior banners, we coordinate with the booster club and schedule a 2-3 hour window for the players to come in at their leisure. We have the individual banners ready two weeks after the day of the session.

The investment $750*

The individual sport composite is $750 and includes a 16×24 ready to hang metal print of the final image. All payments are made before the day of the session.

Team banners and team pictures.

Maria Moore Photography offers special pricing for teams. Please contact the studio for a quote.